sxema reinterprets put up-soviet architecture into 3D printed knit extras

3D printed equipment with russian ‘panelki’ aesthetics


moscow-primarily based sxema collective has collaborated with a regional kintwear manufacturing facility to reinterpret the publish-soviet regular architecture into a unique 3D printed fashion accent collection. drawing impact from the russian panelki vibe, the series supplies an preparations of knit extras which include scarves, hats, and balaclavas, while utilizing the concepts of generative style. the versions are created in 3D and place into a jacquard equipment. consequently, we automate the output of apparel and the whole innovative course of action.

the panelki balaclava

all illustrations or photos courtesy of sxema


Synthetic intelligence as an impartial designer 


sxema’s task begun out as an experiment investigating architectural neural community. the staff skilled styleganv2, made use of official NVIDIA tensorflow implementation, and wrote an interface to investigate community capabilities. then the designers chosen ten thousand pictures of post-soviet standard architecture, and the AI process produced an ordinary watch of ‘panelki’.


then, sxema started off to create their thoughts even further, obtaining far more and much more influenced by generative style and design. ‘by modifying the attributes of the AI we identified out that it can be an impartial actor of the inventive procedure. the AI designer is not biased to any cliché or viewpoints, it is capable to make incredibly unusual and surprising mixtures and ornaments and we started out to use it as placement and allover prints for 3D clothes,’ the crew shares. ‘we really feel that this method to style is what the foreseeable future will look like,’ they include.

sxema reinterprets post-soviet architecture into 3D printed knit accessories
the design and style brings together balaclava + scarf into one

sxema reinterprets post-soviet architecture into 3D printed knit accessories
post-soviet architecture aesthetics are transferred on to the knit scarves

generative art in knitwear 5
publish-soviet architecture aesthetics are transferred onto the knit scarves

generative art in knitwear 8
the collection attributes numerous models in various hues

generative art in knitwear 6


project facts:



name: panelki
designer: sxema | @sxema3d



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