Nationwide research displays what homeowners genuinely want from their roofs

Changing your roof? Insights from a new nationwide survey may well assistance you improved recognize the several sides associated in this significant determination.

The “2021 Roof Buying Study” performed by Signet Exploration Inc. for DaVinci Roofscapes, reveals that shoppers want resilient roofs.

Virtually 85% of people surveyed point out that toughness has a good deal of impact in the type of roof they would purchase. Longevity of a roofing merchandise was the second-maximum influencer, adopted by resistance to serious climate.

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Examine benefits reveal that significant climate injury is the most very likely occasion to prompt homeowners to exchange their existing roofs, adopted by age of their present roof.

When it does develop into necessary to change the roof, 32% of respondents show they are “very likely” or “likely” to look at a fake roofing product or service, these as composite slate or shake supplies, which usually stand up to critical weather conditions and are known for longevity.