lisa assortment by do-M showcases furniture encouraged imaginary wonderlands

the spatial significance delivers a canvas for the website visitors


‘lisa collection’ established by do-M group is found in do hwa search engine optimisation, korea, a past fantastic art administrative office for the royal court during the joseon dynasty. now, the historical heritage of the web site bridges the previous and existing. the spatial significance provides a canvas for the guests to create their very individual present-day dohwaseo with korean artwork, fashion, tradition, and lifestyle with the backdrop of the philosophy of the space. the walls are protected with terrazzo tiles, colorful paint, and coloured mirrors. as for the furnishings, they are all painted with substantial glossy urethane paint and powder coated to give this impact of ‘wonderland’ that the designers needed to achieve.

summer time 1

all visuals courtesy of do-M


influenced by an imaginary wonderland

do-M crew assembled shapes, shades, and designs of the home furnishings to express the vitality of the period. this is how wonderland’s spring was born. additionally, emerald bubbles are layered to capture the fantastical summer months dreamscape, whilst autumn generates a promenade amongst the clouds in the clear autumn sky established by orange buildings. the project spot is historically meaningful and the frequently evolving landscapes of the four seasons is captured on the visitors’ smartphones and travel further more to another dimension to generate a digital landscape in a further area and time.

lisa collection 2
spring 1

lisa collection 3
spring 2

lisa collection 4
autumn 1

lisa collection 5
summer season 2

lisa collection 6
autumn 2




undertaking data:


title: lisa assortment
designer: do-M staff



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