Iconic architectural monuments come to be furniture structure particulars with the CITYNG chair collection

A enjoy on the words and phrases Metropolis and SEATING, Savio Firmino and Cosimo de Vita’s CITYNG collection of chairs acquire you on a tour all-around the entire world. The backrests on every single of the chairs fork out tribute to 16 unique iconic monuments throughout towns like Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Moscow, Petra, New York, Agra, and so forth. By immortalizing these architectural marvels in his furniture sequence, designer Cosimo de Vita hopes that each chair will become a symbolic illustration of its monument and location’s cultures and traditions. Lined together the chairs seize the multicultural elegance of history and architecture in just one single photo, presenting an unbelievably diverse skyline of the world’s architectural wonders.

The chairs wonderfully do justice to their architectural inspirations with the way they’re designed. The seats arrive with a stepped layout, mimicking the measures main to a developing, though the backrest explores the monument’s architectural designs and information with meticulous engraving. The chair underneath, for occasion, signifies the Duomo di Milano, whilst you have bought the Florence Cathedral correct down below that. Other iconic architectural marvels consist of the Notre Dame in Paris, the Taj Mahal in Agra, the Chrysler Building in New York, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, and the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan.

About the CITYNG series, designer Cosimo de Vita claims “CITYNG is a journey among West and East, between custom and modernity the chairs are handcrafted in good wood, but also decorated with a numerical management pantograph”. The chairs are crafted applying a blend of tactics, which include handiwork as perfectly as CNC-machining. Florence-dependent organization Savio Firmino, which partnered with Cosimo de Vita around the CITYNG collection, will be displaying the total assortment of home furnishings at Supersalone for the duration of the Milan Structure 7 days 2021.