1/plinth studio converts pipes and U-bolt joints into vibrant home furniture

designer woojin park by 1/plinth studio established ‘U-bolt furniture’ changing the U-bolt joints — hardware utilised largely to support pipework in the industrial field — and pipes into artwork furnishings. the parts are assembled without welding and glue, even though end users can select the colour they want to kind various mixtures with U-bolts, aluminum frames (pipes and angles), and plate components these types of as glass.all visuals courtesy of 1/plinth studio



seoul-primarily based 1/plinth studio sought to include a lively nevertheless refined touch to the U-bolt fastening framework. the undertaking is composed of two distinctive types, UM (u-bolt module) and UT (u-bolt trolley): the to start with a person is a piece of modular furniture that can keep on to stack and generate higher shelves or connect to every other to increase them in numerous preparations. the 2nd a single normally takes form as a trolley that characterizes the construction of the U-bolt with its unique visual appeal.1/plinth studio converts pipes and U-bolt joints into vibrant art furniture



venture information:


name: U-bolt furniture

designer: 1/plinth studio

made by: woojin park 



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edited by: christina petridou | designboom

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